Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Oldest Watch - Vacheron Constantin

as an avid watch collector (novice) sure will not miss Treasures of VC, a legacy of watchmaking since 1755, 24 jun - 14 aug 2011. amazed by the exhibits! in addition to exotic watches, there're tools, machinery n workbenches that provide a holistic n contextual intro to the complexity of the trade. here i captured some interesting exhibits: 

1st known Pocket Watch created by J.M. Vacheron, 1755. 


 1st Chronometre Royal Gentleman's Wristwatch, 1953.

Platinum, Perpetual Calendar, 250th Anniversary in 2005.

Some Unusual, Unbelievable, & Exotic Items:

i learnt that 2 master-craftsmen, Vacheron & Constantin, are involved. besides rolex, patek, ap, there's also VC. a book is available at the national museum n maybe major bookshops too.

What's The Time, older page here, will tell you my humble adventure with watches.

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