Wednesday, April 5, 2017

House that Kills

a week before house-warming (no auspicious date was picked), the man of the flat, 40+ healthy, collapsed & went into coma. he passed off shorty. doctor couldn't find the cause!

the family felt they didn't need feng shui. chose auspicious date to shift was good enough. but shifting date was changed a few times due to renovation delay.

in addition to bad feng shui, a haunted house could kill too!

a spooky flat caused the man to have serious stroke. he almost died. all because the previous owner didn't invite his elderly relatives who passed away in the flat to upgrade with them. the deceased thought the new family terrorized & occupied the flat. ghost hunters were brought in to control them. i was called in later to correct the feng shui.

photo shows a big semi-D. front faced higher ground. 2 pots on the gate looked like grave. inner arch
liked a chopper. the family's health became very bad. some family members gambled off their fortune & almost lives. the owner didn't want bad memories so sold it when the property price was good. they bought another house, i was called in then.

22/4/17: A friend's car was on big fire while driving. no one was hurt. He didn't pick a good date to collect the car. No colour was chosen too. Recently they moved into a new flat without Geomancy audit. Look like the car issue is a warning that the flat needed Geomancy. 


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