Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Feng Shui or Chinese Geomancy?

A. Definitions:   

1.   living in harmony with the land & deriving the greatest benefit, peace & prosperity 
      from being at the right place at the right time.
                stephen skinner - author & researcher, uk

2.   the ancient art of orienting cities, buildings & even furniture to capture the cosmic breath of
      the earth & bring the inhabitants good luck.
                evelyn lip - former nus head of architecture studies & author, s'pore

3.   to live in harmony with, indeed to identify with, the environment in all its forms is the surest 
      road to success, fulfillment & happiness... it's also the surest way to save our planet..... from
      possible ecological collapse.
                sara noble - M.A. 1st class hons in Geography, U of Auckland, & author

*    Do what the Geomancer says & pays him what he wants
                Rev Ernest Eitel, Christian Missonary, 18th Century, & Author

B. Meaning of Feng (Wind) Shui (Water):

1.   Wind is Moving Air. Water is Life Element.

2.   for Grave, able to channel in & store Wind, prevent too much Water.

3.   Wind is Luck. Water is Wealth. for living or working property.

C. Functions:

1.   Cardinal Points of the Property must correspond with the People's Date of Birth.

2.   the above includes his sitting & sleeping positions.

3.   in any property there're Rich, Prosperous, Wisdom & Romance areas. Some have Negative
      Energy area.

4.   Stove represents Career, Woman's Health & Fertility. 

5.   Water Point to have Water Feature eg Fountain, Aquarium, Purifier.

6.   Colour base on each's DOB.

7.   Auspicious Date to Collect Key, 1st Visit, Ground-Breaking, Install Stove, Shifting, 
      House-Warming etc.

8.   Zodiac & Element of family members or colleagues must be in Harmony.

9.   Environment Factors eg Cross/T Road, Religious Places must be checked.

10. Feng Shui will not work for the Wicked.

D. What's Good Site?

1.   Back to have Mountain, Hill, Big Building or Wall.

2.   Front to face Calm Sea, River, Stream, Pond, Reservoir or Swimming Pool.

*   It's an Environmental Science founded in China more than 3000 years ago. 
     Not Religion.

*   If a doctor gives wrong medication or operates wrongly, one person suffers only.  
     If a master (many fake & lousy ones around, man, woman, spiritual leader too) feng shui wrongly or poorly, whole family & company suffer!
     Most importantly, client must follow master or doctor's advice.

*   Bad geomancy will affect the whole family or company.

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