Friday, August 30, 2013

Importance of Ground-Breaking Date

as reported in today's newspapers that a Contractor went bust in a mega project causing its delay! this isn't the 1st time such problem happened. 

according to the Chinese Almanac, they're Good & Bad Dates for Ground-Breaking, time too. where Not To Do The 1st Knock Or Drill matters as well. for each year the Tai Sui Star will be in one location, for eg He's in the Central in 2013, so Ground-Breaking Must Not Be Done in the Central of the property for this year!

recalled many years ago, Kopitiam Food Court in Plaza Singapura did some underground repair work. after that more than half of the stalls had poor business! i was consulted on by a stall holder. then realised that  although the date & time when they started the hacking was acceptable, the Spot they hacked was the Tai Sui's Head! it took about half a year before the business improved.

trust JEM the new shopping mall didn't choose Good Date. it's always in the News for the Wrong Reason!

even for Home or Office Property, if it involved Floor Hacking, please Check for The Right Date & Location. better to be safe than sorry. recently the Toilet Specialists Rigel had Soil Test for her 6000sqm new HQ, an Auspicious Date/Time/Location was provided.

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