Saturday, February 2, 2013

1 Night in Chinatown

Chinatown is a Must Visit in any countries. it's one unique community & lifestyle. 

for me Chinatown is a Must Visit during Chinese New Year. Lights Up, Decor, Food, & Goodies specially for the festive are worth your patronage. not forgetting the Mood. for that moment your worries will be gone. well, it's an open area, rain will worry u. human traffic jam can be so bad especially in the night that there isn't room to shop! 

during cny: certain plant eg !@#$%^&* willow only bloom. certain food eg wax duck, raw fish salad (yusheng). not forgetting mandarin orange, leek etc. all for Good Luck. 

Chinese usually believe that New Year is a New Beginning. thus themselves & their homes must decorate for the event also to Channel In New Luck. 

as usual this Snake Year 2013, I, a conservative n traditional chinese folk, visited Chinatown twice. the day visit was unplanned. just coz i attended a lunch invite near there then took the opportunity to visit it under hot sun with lesser crowd. night is the annual event. what amazed me was a Long Lighted Up SNAKE hung up across the main road. Wonderful! more younger families went even with baby strollers! pity the poor little thing! more Tourists & many of them had cold beer along those casual eating outlets. 

if you've not visited Chinatown for CNY do so now. 1 week to go. of course you can say shopping malls all over the city also have the goodies. why join the jam! well the Feeling is totally different!

after a tired night out, time to feed the stomach. we went to the nearby Chinatown Hawker Centre. as it's supper time, many stalls were already closed. the Raw Fish (Wolf Herring/Ikan Parang) Noodle caught my eyes but the young owner couple said sold out or perhaps no more that dish. in a wanton mee stall, i tried the unusual Laksa (Spicy Soup Noodle). worth the $3 with lots of Cockles (C-Hum), Fish Cakes etc. well my pal didn't enjoy the $3 Dried Wanton Mee. she felt less salty both for the mee & soup, not spicy although she asked for extra chilli!  

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