Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jackpot Auntie, Sands, & Lin Ching Hsia

her Pendant & Necklace caught my eyes when news of her winning issue with MBS went public! cant figure out whether it's Di Zhuang Pusa, Tibetan Buddha or ? the Necklace & material of the Pendant, is it Coral? in many of my public talks & interviews always highlight that Red could disturb mbs, & its tower of 777 means cum for Jackpot & Blackjack! in tis Sat's cny talk will also talk about the issue. Now still can register, pse refer to earlier blog, Eat Talk Dragon for details.
today's suntimes disclosed tat she'd big jackpot win some years ago. also donated 1/2 to charity. so charitable act has Power! keep playing more charities need your winning help!
auntie choo hong eng said during her younger days she's s'pore's lin ching hsia & mentioned her past glory. interesting. the taiwanese actress still looked the same if not better now! 
so have you figured out the basic winning know-how? 

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