Saturday, September 10, 2011

Home: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Siglap is a Gem of East Coast. Hill, Freehold & Spacious Block r added value to this Flamingo Valley condo! pity that the interior not shown n wish it's of higher levels.

Water is good element but Woman's Open Legs roads more Deadly! Upp Serangoon View & a proposed new road trapped tis condo! Oso tis few blocks r too close to each other as though forced to Dead End! Area in general is flat.

Another ill Cross Roads killer! so near the Mrt n Bus Interchange will bring very strong Negative Forces! 

3-bedrms fm $776k made tis 99 yrs condo attractive. eight courtyards share a mini pool! life's tough to share a pc of tiny cake! Yishun area no great feng shui energy. Chongfu pri sch might attract hope. dun forget a Hospital is 5-min drive away!

if u wish to meet the Queen or watch FA Cup soccer live tis can b considered fm a good few hundred thousand pounds! look deeper, tis isnt S'pore River, it's London's Canary Wharf. y i talk abt oversea pty? the Tall Beautiful Woman really the Attraction! a pity, she's no head n limbs! artistic lvl 100%. feng shui!!!!!

are u reading d article or looking at d woman! y pty advts often add in Xtra Attraction! Freehold & Bt Timah r d 2 vip factors here. worth your trouble to strain your eyes further. exam the roads, environment & layout. not forgetting her price 2! 

freehold at holland rd! wat a gem! The Coterie. block design liked calculator. hope d green of botanic gdn will absorb d sick energy of gleneagles hospt. commonwealth, holland n farrer pk mrt stn's strong qi will add negative forces to d cross road of holland rd n farrer rd! good challenge to any feng shui master.

another gem at bt timah n holland area. d'leedon. pity only 99 yrs. more generations cant enjoy such well balance design (interior not shown).

if it faces old holland rd den pointless! if 11@holland faces holland rd den it'll benefit fm holland rd, old holland rd n garlick ave. 99 yrs hmmm! choice units would b those nearer to d pool. 
the sloppy angle of d roof will slide off wealth! grey theme pull off healthy energy! the undesirable brown frame as though 4u to put your name! a pitiful freehold pty in the prime east coast, telok kurau. la vida.

another uk pty. the berkeley collection, saffron sq london. missing tooth or cracked tooth with roots exposed! location wise shows good investment returns. for staying pse call the Master.

Pearl's Hill Apt if i got d name rt. an icon of d old days. v arty in 3/4 circle! on d hill a + point always BUT it faces d General Hospital! entrance to d bldg 2 narrow! 2 narrow 4 Energy to flow smoothly n properly! unit oso tiny! example of less good more bad feng shui.

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