Friday, January 14, 2011

What's the Time?

my dear fr stanley's passion in hi-end watch is amazing! he bought a pre-owned Patek Philippe a few yrs ago for $31k! sent it to swiss for full svc costed him $3k, n waited for 3 mths! he admired its geneva seal. fully worth it as he claimed now it's worth $45k! among his collection includes BP, Rolex, Longines, Dunhill, Tag H etc. he likes auto or manual movement only. quartz, free oso dun want! his dream is a Rolex Platinum. tat day told him Pand... advt strongly. his reply was to buy Pand.. might as well buy Rolex!

college mate paul never 1 2 wear a watch unless it's Cartier! a teacher mr chua showed us his GP! stanley's buddy ong v proud of his antic cant recall wat brand watch. my good fr lee's luv for the Crystal S brand amused me! lost fr david told me AP is the best! u r not dressed at ur best unless u wear a Longines! & stanley merely looking after the PP for his next generation!

14/4/11 rushed to M/Walk 2c a 70% off Watch Sale by 1 of d 3 giant watch shops despite d rain! Disappointed! fav brands were not on sale! in my casual wear popped over to another giant shop. tat sr sales executive was very nice to give me many tips. he's impressed by my 1950s Omega Seamaster. might go to him when i can afford the new Rolex Gold, Diamond or Platinum. when asked which brand has good Investment Value. he felt tat one shld enjoy the watch n not look for investment returns!

i prefer diff watch for diff occasion, & diff numeral makers. brand isnt tat impt. so in my younger days owned Seiko, Citizen, Enicar etc. where r they now?

25 yrs ago, wen shopping for a wedding watch, a gold Givenchy, Chinese numeral makers,  black leather strap caught my heart. for my birthday 10 yrs ago, got a s/steel Tissot, Roman n/makers, black leather strap. my luv for outdoor prompted me to get a digital Casio, 5 yrs ago. last yr sale, a s/steel Timex, Arabic n/makers, soft/thick leather strap attracted me. recently a Cyma, crystal n/markers, black leather strap waved at me.

recently i oso join in the bandwagon to admire n collect, within my reach, Old Watch. 

my virgin piece, rect Longines, baton markers deserves a better leather strap. at the recent bangkok trip got it a brown-tan Alligator! tire of black. at bkk airport dutyfree shop, Longines Heritage Collection, dun c my model. wen showed it to the staff, she remarked tat mine was even older den theirs n d skin was good! 

Omega is what my beloved dad told me to hv in a dream some yrs ago but he didnt say wich model! this truly struck me, a 38 diamonds set bezel, 18k gold s/steel bracelet, gold dots markers, Constellation! can i call it Omega Diamond King?

to many pple, Rolex is a dream watch. not to me. it's too robust on me. but i was eventually tempted by the vintage 6694 model, Manual Movement, gold baton markers! the seller alrdy changed the org s/steel bracelet to a new leather strap but i want unique item. cant afford org s/steel bracelet, min $500, or org leather strap. 1 famous reptile skin shop in taka told me mus made to order, take 3 mths, min $280. cant afford, cant wait. a staff at 1 famous watch shop told me to try lucky plaza. over there saw 1 small watch shop, 2 silver-haired fat staff or partners. guess mus hv old things. once looked at it uncle Xu asked where did i manage to get such old watch, he knew the model. thumbup. he felt only a thick matt Alligator strap fitted my watch. Maroon. he oso said Eastern Watch is no 1 in HK. Big 10Q to May, a Rolex watch lover, who showed me how to manage self-winding movement. she even let me try many times her Rolex. no sales staff ever guide so much. 

to satisfy my desire, Cartier did it. trademark Octagonal shaped case, s/steel 18k gold bracelet, blue sapphire, roman numeral makers. 8-sided jus like the Ba-Qua wich's relevant to my profession. cartier staff at mbs confirmed that tis model made 20 years ago already discontinued 10 years ago. 

enough lah, but dun mind owning Audemars Piguet, VC, Rolex Diamond Gold, & Rolex Platinum. 

nov 13, 2011: some mths ago bought a $15 large hi quality spect cloth. not to clean spects but to clean watches! it works wonder. GMT, this name appeared in a recent dream! 

mar 5, 2012: now i realise many ways to collect watches. go by Brand (a friend's friend collects Rolex, he's 10 pcs), Vintage, Fashion, Type eg Sports, GMT etc. Stanley ever mentioned there's no end to buying n cant possibly buy all! how abt collection of each country?  

mar 6: recently visited Chris's new apt The Chuan. in d big living rm he displayed many books. wat caught my attention was the many Giant books on Watches including some only on Panerai! he den showed me wat he collected. not watch but Leather Straps brand new fm usa mainly. they made to order fm wat he wanted! he changes the straps by himself! wat a serious Hobbyist!  

oct 12, 2012: by chance watched 2 chapters on You Tube. interesting.
jan 05, 2013: recently dreamt of Gold AP. next dreamt of Roger Dubuis.


1. Patek Philippe 3919.  2. Rolex Date Just.  3. Rolex Submariner  4. Omega Speedmaster Professional  
5. Breitling Navitimer  6. Cartier Tank  7. Cartier Santos  8. Rolex Traditional  9. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak  10. A. Lange & Sohne.

if the man who complied  the above 'A' list allows only 1 brand then other brands not in his list would have a chance. well his decision has to be respected.

     the selector put it in 5 categories which is fair

1. Dress Watch (must be in Leather Strap):   Patek Philippe Calatrava or Gondolo series.
2. Smart Work Watch (must be in Steel Bracelet):   Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso or Rolex Date Just.
3. Sport (non-chronograph):   Rolex Explorer, Submariner or GMT.
4. Sport Chronograph:   Omega Speedmaster Professional or Breitling Navitimer.
5. Bordello (Luxury in Metal):   Audemars Piguet Royal Oak or Cartier Panther.

count, count, i've 9 watches. as in feng shui 9 Lucky Carps! haha, if u like any of my collection, offer me a good price, will consider buddies. 

wow no. 10! spotted tis Omega Seamaster of the 50s by chance in mid mar '11. no action then. last week a voice in my dream ask' me to buy it fast. took action then. my 1st Automatic watch. it's in very Original condition. 2 Tone Round. Original Stainless Steel Bracelet. Date. Unique Markers. according to an old hand, tis watch has 'Ba Qua' face which's Valuable! tis darling is indeed v v rare. certainly made Perfect 10 Bo Derek!
came to knw Baume & Mercier tru a high class indian catholic client Luke who humbly told me tat he could only afford to buy it during sale! seen the above in a shop for more den 1/2 a yr. maybe it waited for me! myno. 11.

howcome i missed out on the CYMA! nice crystal markers. org leather strap n buckle. gd for the future. at the market price, it's more costly than Tissot!

today's 30 jul 2011, after wearing STEEL OR STEEL with GOLD BRACELET watches for some mths, i realise that my backache has gone! guess it's has kinda same Metallic Power of those health metallic bracelet. 

sun ch papers reported tat Omega is a much desired brand among d China Rich! got a Gold Plaque De Ville Qtz. round case. golden dial w applied baton markers. date at 3. org link bracelet n button-release deployant clasp. according to Omega History Note this model is made between 1972-6. my no. 12. so far 3 Omega watches. 

learnt fm Titan (Indian, world 5th largest watchmaker) tat it's Skeleton Watch. very impressed w the see tru mechanism. i've skeleton ph. client has skeleton bathrm! cant afford the titan, kenneth cole n maurice L. thus settled for tis china brand Shifeng. auto w leather strap. so interesting. my no. 13. 1st Skeleton watch.

PP Calatrava 5119 Rose Gold. new model. 36mm. like its new slogan: begin your own tradition. the earlier model 3919 is the pioneer n smaller 33mm. according to some dealers, highest value is Platinum, White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold. next should b Gold Plaque. my 1st PP. no. 14. work hard for more.

 few mths ago a voice told me in my sleep, GMT! so to fulfill d dream i searched online & visited many shops to view its model & price. no brand was mentioned in d dream. rolex gmt 2 is too common oso including gmt original i cant afford. breitling, omega & panerai r too big n heavy (on price too)! some fashion brands r pretty. very pleased with wat i found! a 5 yrs old Bvlgari, s/steel, leather strap, auto with box, cert n instr book. well kept by the x owner. it's in mint condition! should i get more GMT! no. 15.

c tru is interesting. strong urge for Skeleton Watch. it's nice to watch its movement. impressed & within my budget tis 45mm Kenneth Cole (dunno black or white man fm usa). auto. leather strap. s/steel. my 2nd Skeleton Watch, & no. 16. if budget allows a Breguet would be a Dream come True! 

came to know this brand tru my daughter. she owns a crystal studded pc! by chance tis Fossil Dragon Year Limited Edition 2012 caught my eyes. since it's Dragon Year n within budget y not. Qtz. Black Matt S/Steel Bracelet. Black n White Hands. White Luminous Markers. Golden Dragon Motiff. 45mm. Nice Metal Box n Cert. New Year New Watch. Work Harder. no. 17.

went to the reliable Eastern Watch shop on feb 6, 2012, chap goh mei, to replace a battery for a qtz watch. who knows was attracted to a Diamond Studded Dual Time watch! all in over 200 pcs of diamonds on the bezel! INTIMA is the brand. Independent watchmaker from Hong Kong. they started making watches in the 50s, & making this brand in 1978! don't forget, HK is still the best in making the other "ROLEX"! 
the uncles in Eastern Watch offered me the price i can't resist! so this's mine 2nd GMT. no. 18. Lunar New Watch. Fatt Ah! 

sudden urge to hv a watch to represent my mum! she's 85. Omega is my dad for he came into my dream n told me to get Omega some yrs ago. after much searching n checking on my budget. something caught my eyes!
Frederique Constant Healey Auto Ltd Edtn, 1888 pcs worldwide. didnt expect it to cum w a big classic lacquer wooden box, ltd etdn cert, model car..... 43mm. very impressive. 
this my no. 19 n 2nd Ltd Edtn watch. Enjoy!  5/3/12.
went to my fav Exotic Skin Shop in BKK n got a Green Croc leather strap for tis Ltd Edtn Watch. Worth it!

this's my no. 20, 3rd Ltd Edtn, 3rd GMT, if World Time is also called GMT. Seiko 130th Anniversary. 40mm, Rose Gold plated, Black PVD braclet, auto. bought today sun, 2012 mar 11, lunar 2nd mth 19th day: Goddess of Mercy Birthday. isnt it meaningful? feel quite enough of my collection. next look fwd to the Rolex Gold, Diamond or Platinum; VC or PP. for more infor abt Seiko, pse read post title Seiko. nice day.  

according to tis salesman who seems 2b knowledgeable tat there's a big diff between Guess watch & Guess Collections watch! GC is not the normal fashion watch. it's Hi-End Collectible Swiss Movement watch! tis my no. 21, 4th GMT or Dual Time. s/steel cushion bezel, 40x42mm. brown fine leather w butterfly lock. nice dial. qtz. 

voice in dream told me to get the chinese gmt watch. feel tat the reliable chinese brand here is Sea Gull estd 1955. visited its only outlet a few times in people's park & surfed its website too b4 the dream. so today 15/82012 got my dream fulfilled in less than 1k! Auto, 5th GMT or Dual Time, S/Steel large Bezel, Brown fine Calf leather strap, Calendar, Wheel exposed. my no. 22.

tis my 1st watch collection. a Vintage (70s or earlier) Longines Qtz. mentioned in earlier para. abt 2 yrs ago battery changed at a small shop. the lady told me it's stain. best to send for prof svc. ya ya ya was my reply. 1 1/2 yrs later battery changed agn. tis time brought it to a large shop. the expert uncle told me same story. a good Cleaning Svc will cost me $100+! he said if dont clear off the stain, the watch will spoil! kiv. few mths later it stopped! went to chinatown to look for expert. the guy told me got to change the whole circuit board, min $120. went to beach rd to look for more experts. 2 old men fm 2 diff old shops told me watch too old cant find spare part! another run by a middle-age man made several phone calls for the parts. it'll cost me min $200! tot my bkk trip would help. find 1 big shop in chinatown bkk. i requested it to be done in a few hrs. the owner told me S$160 inc checking, cleaning, changing org parts & battery. You live again pal. 

this no. 23 is a Surprise! (see post Rolex & Friendship). rare Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date. Vintage. 80s or earlier. Auto. identical with my manual winding 6694. 

i'm quite keen to have a Watch-Box. whether it's for 5 or 10 pcs, it easily costs $200 or more for a good one. Ah! this year Hotel St Regis's Award Winning Chinese Restaurant comes up with an unique MoonCake Box! after eating all the superb mooncakes, i use it to be My Watch-Box.  
 for this Watch-Box, tks to marriott hotel, wan hao restaurant.

Skeleton Watch always interest me! saw tis Sea Gull OEM online at 60% off! brand new n my 1st purchase online. delivered to my doorstep 5 days later. although not fantastic, i'm happy. tis my 24th, n 3rd skeleton. 46mm x 36mm x 13mm gold plated, rect or cushion shape. auto with 40 hrs power reserve. rugged leather strap. happy!

a Silver Jubilee Watch for Cheong Geomancy Consultants! ORis, estd 1904. a year earlier than Rolex. by chance i got tis much talkabout brand especially in the collector's market. they highlighted tat only pure mechanical watch is made. mine 40mm, Chronometer (fine accuracy), Classic, Metallic Guilloche dial, dark brown alligator strap. Big Crown is the icon of Oris. her slogan Real Watches for Real People! a Beauty of its Own! no. 25.


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