Saturday, June 19, 2010

Phuket Thailand

'Pong Pong show, Tiger show, A-Go-Go show' touts will say n show pic to all adults at d nite mkt opp patong beach. fake branded goods, f & b outlets, massage salons n ah gua were all over d pl. temple unseen.

world cup soccer matches were shown freely. fireworks were displayed nightly. air was fresh. noisy but u will only mind fm ur spouse. 

1st nite special treat to my family with fresh lobster, 600g for S$54, at patong seafood rest. stayed at d 4-star  patong beach hotel. friendly staff, nice rooms n environment. 1/2 day city tour to other beaches, tourist shops n d largest  temple. 

oso went to nearby hi end shopping ctr. carrefor, robinson, starbucks, kfc, mac... had my hair cut n wash, promotion pr S$17. day shop! nite shop! would hv dropped if no 2x massage, d usual thai style tat twist, turn n bend U, n d pamper oil massage. S$13 an hr. 2 types of massage salons, decent n extra svc type.  tried most type of thai food but whr got roadside thai sharkfin! no c snake gall bladder. mayb in bangkok.

so many souvenirs 2 buy. popular ones r wood type, teak wood dear. Elephant is a good collection whether as thai icon or feng shui. tourist shops no bargain but some gifts r cheaper den stalls.  

Beaches surround phuket. hot summer but waves were strong. perhaps tats attract world tourists. caucasians esp europeans r their big mkt. asian is 2nd. oso haven 4 honeymoon couples n families. if 1 visit 1 beach, tink u need more den a dozen visits! tragedy of boxing day alrdy history.

Land of Smile oso applies 2 phuket. only a few shopkeepers blackface u coz u offered beggar price. thai girls even d decent class or non-svc type always keep a smiling face. no  courtesy campaign rqd.

Ah Gua in thailand is a race or class by itself. those in tourism or nitelife trade r v pretty or sexy. many of them oso in other jobs. hmmm so interesting. together w Massage n Temple they r Thailand's Pride.

i'll visit Phuket again. good short-break destination. photo by danny, winston, n sophia.

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