Saturday, May 30, 2009


Wonderbowls read in Cantonese is Treasure Found! 搵到宝. in addition to related trade items eg Pixiu, Kirin, Crystal, we've Art by d famous, like Prof Sunyee, n yet-2b-famous Artists including myself n 2 kids, Antique eg Magnifying Glass, Jade, Plant, Notes w Special Nos, Photo, Stamp, Collectibles etc.
d selling pt is every item is selected of d Best Quality, unlike other shops. viewing n purchase by apptn at my place. email/mms applicable.
so whether u r looking 4 something to power luck, avert calamities, beautify ur pty or as a gift, jus contact me. i'm very sure Treasure is there 4u!
Pic shows a rare Double Rainbow Obsidian Ball, Buddha Head, Pixiu, Singing Bowls, Vase; Jade mixed.

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