Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fire Rooster 2017

" Twin 6th Month with Double Spring. A Great Year for Wedding, ROM, Engagement & Anniversary! Mixed & Upside Down Weather. Mild Recovery with Toughness. Uncertainty in & from the West (Whoever the President is). Do grap every chance but Don't take risk. Still good for Shopping for Property, Stock & Share, Metal. Be cautious with Forex."

Zodiac Ranking:   1. Horse (Romance Star for the Single. False Romance Star for the Married Male. Tai Sui).  2. Dragon  3. Dog (Romance).  4. Tiger (Romance).  5. Monkey (Tai Sui).  6. Rat (Romance. Tai Sui).  7. Ox (Beware of Water Event. White Tiger).  8. Pig (White Tiger).  9. Rooster (Tai Sui, White Tiger).  10. Rabbit (Tai Sui).  11. Snake (White Tiger).  12. Goat.

For Taoist & Chinese Free Thinker Pray to Tai Sui or White Tiger at Taoist Temple during the Lunar 1st month. Repay Service in Dec. If not affected, need not act.

To Boost Romance Luck use Rose Qtz &/or Empty Vase. To Prevent False Romance put Wooden Rooster figurine to face Main Door or Window. Can wear or carry Wooden Rooster pendant too. If can't find Wood made, can consider other material.   


What A Chick! This Fire Bird comes early, 28/1/17, & will stay for 13 lunar months. To Channel in Good Luck & Avert Calamities, HK Trained Master Danny Cheong offers the following:


a. Home: a) HDB Apt $500, b) EC/Pte Apt $1k, Penthouse $1.2k up, c) Landed Pty $2k up.

b. Business: a) Table-Space $200, Room $300, b) Office/Shop $588 up, c) Fty/Hotel: POA.

2. 29th ANNIVERSARY: 20% Discount for New Full Geomancy Job, from Now to end Feb. If Job 
    can only be done after Feb, 30% Deposit is needed now.


a. General: Year Forecast, 12 Zodiac Ranking, CNY Day 1 When/Where to Visit/Pray, Work 
    Rest/Resume Period, Area/Trade Summary: $50.

b. 12 Zodiac Summary: $50.

c. Personal Reading by email/post $60 (add $10 for oversea posting). Face to Face at my place $160,
    at your venue in SG $320. Item 3a included.

* Cheque made payable to CHEONG GEOMANCY CONSULTANTS, & mail to 330 Ubi Ave 1 #04-653, S'pore 400330. Please indicate your Name, DOB, Address, & Service Type. Kindly allow about 2 weeks for processing. 

2018 Auspicious Wedding Date is Ready.

All Enquiries Welcome. T: 67450023. E: mastercheong@gmail.com.


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