Monday, February 23, 2015

Wood Goat Year 2015

Goat is the best pal of the Horse. whatever good things last year will be carried forward. not so good things with 30% added will be brought over too. remaining 70% likely to be in Monkey Year '16.

still a manageable year with dry spell in the last quarter. animal illness & matter, quite an issue! property & metal markets still unstable. it's good to start accumulation including stock & share. wealth & strong illness star in south-east. at south-east best to put Hulu to prevent sickness, & pixiu, wealth toad or japanese cat to channel in $. better recovery in asia. mr kim & mr putin can be noisy. central & west may be the worst! not ideal to be in europe including middle-east. its unlucky star brings terrorism & disaster! if you've to be there, pray hard!

12 Zodiac Ranking:

1.   Monkey: Rich but don't be tempted. Real Romance Star.
                      Lucky item: Piggy Bank

2.   Tiger:  Healthy, Wealthy & Smooth-Sailing. Real Romance Star.
                  Lucky item: Green Plant

3.   Dog:   Rich with Lucky Draw Chances. 
                 Lucky item: Piggy Bank

4.   Dragon:   Ideal to expand especially oversea market. Tai Sui*. Real Romance Star.
                      Lucky item: Horse item

5.   Horse:   In career, major changes not ideal. 
                    Lucky item: Hulu, Pixiu

6.   Rat:   Will excel with the right note. False Romance Star for Man. Wood Rooster to help.
                Lucky item: Black Obsidian

7.   Rabbit:   Handle all matters with care. White Tiger*.
                     Lucky item: Pixiu
8.   Goat:   Better time in the 2nd half year. Tai Sui & White Tiger*.
                  Lucky item: Amethyst 

9.   Snake:   Beware of trouble-makers, thief & robbery.
                    Lucky item: Green Plant

10. Pig:   Avoid big investment or speculation. White Tiger*.
                Lucky item: Amethyst

11. Rooster:   Problem & Obstacle. Hen might lose Body & $! 
                       Lucky item: Green Plant

12. Cow:   Beware of trap, fall & accident. Tai Sui*.
                  Lucky item: Clear Quartz, Jade.

* At Taoist Temple, Offer Prayers to White Tiger on 6/3, Tai Sui before lunar 1st month ends. Repay Service for both to be done between 11/12 & 21/12. Such Unkind Stars will usually cause Gossip, Illness & $ Problems. Such does not apply to Christian & Buddhist.